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Well the Gipp’s Guides thought that a Jump-Rope-for-heart day was just too much  competition with the Younger Guides.  However since the Skipping was being done,  the skipping ropes were there and the Gipps Guides were being ‘roped’ into getting fit anyway these adventureous Guides decided to raise money for the Local Kinder.  Some had Children already at the Kinder.  Other just knew of children that were unable to afford to attend and see the ‘clowns’ at the kinder in action .  So the following press release was sent to the newspapers after the event.

Putting a bounce in life had the Gipps Guides members in the Bounce-a-thon on 8th September 2000.  Members of the public were encouraged to join in during the two hours the Bounce-a-thon ran.

A big thank-you to everyone who participated on the day and to the sponsors. The money raised goes towards the Clowns visiting the Glendonald Kinder.

Contact information Susan Connor on 0413100230.

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Keeping skipping ropes tidy and safely away.

Our Guides often enjoy the use of a skipping rope rope.  The ropes are often used to tie things together, for a skipping activity, play snakes and other jump activities with while also learning to tie knots with and so on.

When the Guides have finished skipping they are meant to tie the rope up in a double overhand.  This care means that the rope is stored in such a way that when they rush to get the ropes out for the next activity the Guides can go straight into that activity  with out having to spend extra time unravelling the ropes. However the best way of making sure that everyone knows how to tie the ropes in a double overhand, and will enforce the tieing of the ropes up after an activity, is when the ropes are ‘found’ to have been uncared for and stored lazily away run the activity again the next week using the same ropes.  All the Guides must then work to unravel, retie the ropes and store away before the activity will commence.  The Guides soon learn to take a collective time out at the end of the game/ activity just to put the ropes back properly.

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