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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

What do we do

Passing on dance techniquesThe Guiding in Australia is open to females from the age of five. So this District operates within a flexible Unit structure that allows for girls to become Guides, attend meetings depending on their interests, family commitments and the availability of leaders.  From five to their eightieth’s birthday the Guides are Youth Members.

In this District these Youth members decide, plan and carry out, check their programs. The programs are wide in range and variety, never the same term by term as every girls interest changes as they develop.   The real age range within the Unit meeting times also influences what the real Guides are doing. As many Youth members families struggle both financially and with transport the Guides have often brought what they cannot attend to them.  The Teddy Bears Picnic, and Rac Wac. Originaly Race Around Melbourne[RAM] became one Units own Race around Churchill.  Next it became Race around Churchill including Wheels around Churchill [hence Rac Wac]) are some of these events that have become traditions the Unit and now the District have adopted. Other influences are the various multicultural influences, world happenings, Region and State Activities, the Olave Program members, Community activities such as { Car shows, Traralgon Show, Fireworks and Bon fire nights, Latrobe Shire activities and Events [Churchill Festival, Australia Day,  Citizens of the Year Awards],Training and assessment requirements, services encouraged through community[ Clean Up the World, Environment day, water week, Youth week, A.N.Z.A.C. Day, Armistice day, Remembrance day] or world endeavor’s [harmony Day, World Aids Day].

Another strong influence are the badges available through Guiding,  Some being worn officially on the sash or older Guides shirt.  Others are completed either through the program and if the interest in completing that badge is their then the Guide finishes it off in their own time.  For instance the Bridges badges have  international components that spark an interest in places such as Cambodia, Argentina, Korea, Where these interests may end up is any ones guess.  Some adult Guides (OBP and leaders) have traveled to these countries.  Coming back enriched from the experience and sharing their experiences both within their Unit meeting times to placing their experiences in the Victorian Guides Website so that others may help.  And again the interest in that badge may further be past on.

Often curiosity leading to interests begins when something has triggered your inquisitiveness. When you  when young you have a life time to develop these interests which results in you challenging yourself to as an adult to do better than what was initially your best.  Often these challenges gather people towards the activity, service or event.  Each putting advice and energy into the final product.  Even if you move on these lessons learned are important.  You, and others have given back to the community, Guiding,( Patrol, Unit, District, State, National, International) education, family, or street/township.  Traditions arise from these activities.  As others come up behind you, they learn, moving through the activities and new challenges are incorporated. More people benefit by still others giving back into your community as a child or an adult  Be than a Guide, in your family or in your work place environment.

As you cam imagine some of the programs are complex, others quietly far reaching.  Often including  Science and Technology, Outdoors, Service, World Guiding, Guiding Traditions, Other People, The Arts, Environments and Australia influences. Recognising Our Bodies, friendships, Faiths, explorations, challenges, our creativity, aims, objectives and achieving of our achievements.  Further developing Time and team (Patrol) management skills,  Life Skills, observations, Home interests and skills. The programs are so wide ranging that often the theme /  link between all the items included are unseen at a casual glance until the program end.

Back to crawlingCommonsense and assistance from the Leaders is integrated both in program planning and opening the communication lines.Frequently it was heard ” what guides do? Where are their limitations? When can you start? When do you retire (at this we chuckle as Guiding is well known for recycling… hence were still here.) So the communication channels were changes so that now the Guides YouthANZAC day once the reefs were layed. Members in the District and Gipps Guides (18 to 30 year old’s) may communicate directly to you on their activities, interests, events, outings and community service as the articles are blogged.

The District communication links for the Youth members Guides include badges, awards and more and Guides Rule. Badges awards an more being designed to give you hints as what has happened in the past that various badges and awards may have included these things. Since every Guide challenges herself to do a wide variety of challenges and what is a challenge for one is ‘to easy’ for another!. If this is the case that Guide may very well take on the challenge to Plan and Lead the activity rather than participate in the Make and Do side of things.  The plan and Lead has various aspects such as Creating teaching Aids, Research and Present a topic.  To Demonstrate how to  rather than I have learned to uses different skills. When a Guide is challenges to ‘Do MY Best’ her Journey takes on a quietly  incredible amount of explore, create and achieve challenges and developmental growth indicators.

The Guiding program really is amazing in how each individual program encompasses the Fundamentals and Elements of the Australian Guide Program.

From the Guides sixtieth’s Birthday the youth members link into the Olave Program. On their eighteenth birthday to their thirtieth,  they may choose to be part of the Olave Program a leader- or both.  Therefore the programs are varied and tailored to suit the needs of the members involved. Reflecting their interests, skills, abilities, challenges and cultures. collectively or individually each members objectives and awards.  Many times the ones who pass on what they have absorbed are the Guides themselves.

Once people are eighteen they may assist the District Team in the support of the Youth members, their Leaders and the Olave Program members (locally the Gipps Guides).

Hazelwood and Churchill Girl Guide District invites you to be part of the District team.  The activities may be based on yearly events {Formal end of year meal, Jota/ Joti], Guiding Traditions, service to the community,  meetings get Making camp gadgetstogether’s and other events, activities and services needed within the community.

As Guide members we are part of a wider guiding community.  The District is part of the Baw Baw Region which is part of the Victorian State Guides. State being part of the Australian Girl Guides who are members of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.

Actually there is so much to do  that Guides have done, you may as well just join in the fun, the experiences and the laughter when things either go right – or wrong as being a Guide is just one massive life time of experiences.  experiences that have nothing to compare them to. Especially when you’re involved within them too.

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