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Pitching a light weight tent

Common sense and practice are only one side of pitching up any shelter.

  • Before you leave to go on camp check that everything you need for pitching the tent is there.  Also check on the condition, number and suitability of the tent pegs, poles, fly, mallet and guys..  Once your camping it is too late to run to the shop and buy more.
  • Choose the place to place your tent. Avoid areas that are not level. Also consider placing the tent near but not too close to some shrubs to help keep the wind from destroying your tent site. Clear any debris or rocks from the area.
  • Place a large piece of plastic sheeting or a tarp over the area where you will be erecting the tent. This will help keep ground moisture from seeping into the tent. Also the imprint of your feet will lessen the wear and tear on the ground surface or the tent floor.
  • In at least one of the corners secure a tent-peg into the ground.  This stops the tent upper from being blown away while you are pitching it. You then lessen the chance of ripping the nylon as the poles go in.
  • Assemble support rods. Depending on the type and style of tent the number of rods varies. Assemble all rods before moving on to the next step.
  • Slide support rods through the pockets on the tent. In most cases these rods will go over the top of the tent to form a half circle.
  • Complete the raising of the tent by securing the end of the rod into the hole or socket provided near the bottom corners of the tent.
  • Using a mallet secure the tent in place by knocking the tent pegs into the appropriate places. Most tents have holes or brailing ties that should be used to anchor the tent to the sactual tent pegs.
  • While erecting the tent have all tools or equipment kept near the tent bag.  Thus avoiding loss an accident possibilities.

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