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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

All things come to an end.

After more than fifty years within the Hazelwood and then the Churchill community Girl Guides here had to close.  Although many reasons about that ….one fact is final.

Thing is that through Hazelwood and Churchill Gilrs Guides, as a whole, there are still many stories to tell of lessons learned , and skills coming to the forfront.  The structure of the Girl Guides has changed, so to the Promise and the Laws.  The younger generations that has been growong up wthin the system whole heartly endorsed by the Leaders and practiced through the Churchill Units, then the Hazelwood and Churchill District Guides , what the Leades particiopated in on and as part of the Victorian State event and camp team members has had a small and to those youth [ now nearly all young teens through to adults] concerned significant impact.

The main challenge to recording these event for many was lack of phones and or cameras themselves.  To these particiants I will gradually upload the photos that I have in storage.  Effectively then deleating these off any thing I then have them stored upon.  This I feel is only fair as these girls and there families do not have access to these records to be able to pass thenm onto their children’s children.

Having gone through twenty years of post traumatic Shock Syndrome due to the impact of a truck and its trailer being on the wrong side of the road I understand the loss of memeories.  Mine was totaled.

Aside from these reasons the older generations of Guide and District leaders are getting on.  Kath is now in her nineties.  There are stories that do need to be expressed and included here as well.  Just because someonthing is old does it have to be thrown out?

It is to finally obtaning many of my own memoreies during which I was lucky to have hardcopy photos from the 1970 when I was in the New Zealand Girl Gudes.  These opened many memories even though that was fourty years ago.  Things like the great sadness when  Lady Baden-Powell passed over.

On that note should any person what the copy or to share these memories around I give full permission for your to .  The photos will be over seven years by the time the last ones are placed on this site.  The photos were taken with my camera other than ten that will be scanned and identified as such. These photos I have recieved permission to do what I want with them.  Thus you get the benefits.



Your sincerely … a person who in her heart is still a Girl Guide.





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