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Jump Rope for Heart 2010.

Steelwool and a sparkler
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Ever thought of holding a Skipping  or Jump Rope get together.  Did you know that there are World and Region skipping competitions?

Well! We are combining a skipping activity that raises funds for the Heart research with an overnight stay.  Not sure whose going to have the most fun though.  The start time is 10 am Thursday July 2010. Originally intended for the Jump Rope to occur with Heart week but time wise this was not going to occur. For now the Jump Rope For Heart is not on the Region Agenda.  How ever the Gipps Guides have involved the Hazelwood and Churchill Guide District.

The finnish time is 12 oo  [noon] then lunch should be served.  Parents and Friends are invited to this activity which will be held at the Hazelwood South Hall.  In case of rain at this time of year the Hall is big enough for participants and spectators.  The Hazelwood South Hall’s  floor is wooden so there is plenty of bounce.

A gold coin donation is expected and will be going to ally lunch costs of feeding the participants and the others.  NOTE :  This money is separate to the overnight stay costs.

Previously the Gipp’s Guides have organised a Bounce-a-thon and various members have also assisted the Youth members with their skipping challenges. Are they up to scratch with the Double Dutch Challenge?  Will you be there to watch, turn the ropes or help with other things? What about just keeping the ropes tidy?

Jump-Rope-For-Heart was suggested as a service to an organisation during 2009.  The Jump-Rope-for-Heart Subcommittee is being organised through the Gipp’s Guides. Other members may join the subcommittee though.

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When a Girl Guide chooses to make her Promise

Girl Guides Australia recognises that each member is an individual in her own right.  This recognition understands the importance of not forcing people to be hypocritical of themselves in, nor judgement of others, the beliefs, actions, thoughts, faiths or self beliefs that each is surrounded by or brought up in. Since the organisation of Girl Guides recognises this belief it is up to the Girl Guide members to put this belief into practice.

A major way is not to impose the making of the Promise on every one of the girls who want to become Girl Guides.  Making and keeping a promise is an individual thing.  The concepts, belief systems and therefore the understanding and implementation of what and how that Guide carries the Promise and therefore the Guide Laws into and through her life is for ever changing.  Maturing as is her understanding of what the Promise means to her.

At this point let it be known that through out the Guide programs the Promise and Laws are there many different ways.  In poster form, discourse, evaluations, posters on the wall, songs, games to name a few.  While one guide is working on her pre-promise work or to reaffirm her Promise other Guides who have made it will naturally be helping her along. Certain behaviors [ either positive or negative behaviors] will be referred to the words of both the Promise and the Laws.

When the Guide is ready to make her Promise then certain things come into play.  There are three basic steps that are used in the Hazelwood and Churchill Girl Guide District.

  1. Pre-Promise work.
  2. Making / reaffirmation of the Promise.
  3. Then later collaborating with another Guide who is making /reaffirming her Promise.

How these are done is a joint effort of the Unit Leaders and Guides themselves. To the people who have either  made their Girl guide or similar Promise, or taken an outh, you may still remember that feeling of personal wonderment at what has then just taken place.  Guiding is old enough to have Great-Great- Grandmothers reaffirming their own Promise that they made when they were younger.  So the making of a Girl Guide Promise is not taken lightly.  Ceremonies and traditions are often included in this Promise making time.

Therefore the Girl Guide movement honours this personal achievement with two things.

  1. The ability to wear the Promise Badge.
  2. The Peak Achievements Awards within the Girl Guide movement are able to be worked upon now.

I congratulate any Guide who is prepared to shake her own boundaries, do the Pre-Promnise work, step forward to make her Promise and then take that promise out into her wider world, in turn helping other people along the way.  Mind you this will take time. Which is why making the Girl Guide is a promise that has no limitations, sets benchmarks, and creates/ opens the doors to many wonderful things in our world..

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