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They arrived with a…


C.F.A Come on down to Guides.


When planning 2009 Tuesday program the girls decided to invite the CFA people to Guides. Little knowing that every one here would be so affected by the near by fires over the last two weeks.


Here are some of the pictures of the CFA ladies who came to our Girl Guide meeting today. And we did not scare them off…. so they are coming back too.


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Reply to Rover Crew request for hall usage 1.9.2009

Hi there Zebe  Would love to help but there are two Major problems with hiring out hall.
  First: Only available to Guide members. Second major problem is there are to be major
 road changes happening due to Tramway Road changes to the Reserve.  This affects 
anything happening at the hall. Worst part is not knowing when these changes will happen
.  Susan

District Leader
Hazelwood and Churchill Girl Guides

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Request by Rover Crew to use Hazelwood South Hall 1/.9./2009

District Leader Received this request on Tue, September 1, 2009

Hi Susan.

 I'm a member of Churchill Rover Crew, and we were volunteered to run the Eastern Region Rovers christmas gathering/thing. 
 We were thinking of having it at the scout hall, but have been told there's been noise complants in the past (echo-y, points towards a bunch of houses, etc.). 
Anyway, somebody mentioned hiring the Guide Hall instead, since it's a bit further out of town, less likely to disturb people, and generally nicer.   So I was wondering if we could book the hall for use from midday on Saturday 28th november to about midday on the 29th? 
Of course we'd clean up after ourselves, and make sure everythings in order before we left. 
 thanks in advance,   Zebe.

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The front of the Hazelwood South Hall 2007

The front of the Hazelwood South Community Hall (south Eastern view). To the right is the Hazelwood South Reserve.

Actually now the bushy plants on the sides of the entrance have been severely trimmed back.

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The Hazelwood South Hall

ADDRESS: 762 Tramway Road, Churchill, 3842, Victoria, Australia.

Hazelwood South Community Hall is a fifty plus year old hall made of grey block bricks and wood. Nothing much to look at as you drive past on Tramway Road but once you go inside the resenance and warmth is just there.

There is open land on the north and east side. An Arterial Road to the South side. And the Churchill Small Bore Rifle Club (22’s) to the West. Ample car parking out the front doors. Situated on land owned by the Department of Sustainablity and Environment.

Over the years it has been used for a variety of events, activities and club meetings. Currently leased by the local Girl Guide District. One of their objectives was to maintain this building for the community. Upon review the District feels that this Hall should go back into the Community.

For this objective to occur a management committee for the Hazelwood South Community Hall must be formed. People with an active interest in the preservation and maintance of this hall for the benefit of different clubs, groups and community activities and events may put forward and nominate for a position on the committee of management. Simiply email to weusethishall@gmail.com

Good to hear from you.

Susan Connor

District Leader
Hazelwood and Churchill Girl Guides.

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